Transfer, configuration and development of multidisciplinary model for promoting entrepreneurship in VET and higher education


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Implementation | EEC European Entrepreneurs CampusThis last project phase will be dedicated to the final release of the tools designed during the project. This final result will be managed with the following aims:

  • Create a structure that guarantee the project results will be used after the end of the project.
  • Design concrete steps that will support the sustainability of the project outcomes.
  • Identify ways how the results can be built on at local and regional lever.
  • Indicate how the outcomes of the project can be used by other actors, as well as other areas.
  • Identify and to contact relevant policy maker to communicate the results.
  • Describe in which extent the project partners will commit themselves to mainstreams the successful results in their own organizations.

Exploitation | EEC European Entrepreneurs CampusThe activities managed by the partnership in this project phase will be:

  • Elaboration and presentation of an "Implementation and Exploitation Concept",  that includes concrete steps to support sustainability in the target countries, suggest implementation activities and guidelines how to gain policy makers' support.
  • Involvement of all relevant regional VET organization in target countries and link to other VET network.
  • Mainstreaming and multiplication activities in own organization and networks.
  • Organization of regional/national meetings, to support implementation and get input for regional/national relevant contents of the "Implementation and Exploitation Concept". These meeting are directed at VET providers, trainer, teachers, counselors, business people, national stakeholders, as well as representatives of vocational sectors.
  • At least 15 relevant organizations in each target country will be contacted and supported to use the project products in their daily practice.
  • Provision of target countries partners' contribution to specific regional/ national implementation activities.
  • Elaboration of final "Implementation and Exploitation Concept" to include this regional/national activities indicating sustainable structure which will remain after this project.

At the end of this project stage the IMPLEMENTATION AND EXPLOITATION CONCEPT, together with the final and definitive version of the EUROPEAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP CAMP GUIDE, EUROPEAN ENTREPRENEURS PAHTS, and the EUROPEAN ENTREPRENEURS CAMPUS BUSINESS MODEL CONSTRUCTION TOOL will be produced and disseminated.

CEDIT IEPL IDEA Universidad de Sevilla BD Center AMSP ČR Università di Pisa Regione Toscana VŠFS