Transfer, configuration and development of multidisciplinary model for promoting entrepreneurship in VET and higher education


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The IDEA-BMC (Business Model Creator) is an electronically teaching tool. The purpose of the IDEA-BMC tool is to create a business model for a specific business case. The model will give a clear understanding of how to create value for the customers, and how to generate cash flow. The BMC is inspired by both board games and solitaire.

IDEA has succeeded in changing the development of new business models from something vague and buzzword-like to something very specific and concrete. The Business Model Creator consists of 17 topics divided into the following categories: Product, Finance, Customer Contact and Configuration.

Through group discussion the students will use the BMC to build new business models one step at a time. In the course of the process the students will be forced to think creatively about the new business model - think 'outside the box'.

IDEA-BMC (Business Model Creator)

Camp guide

The IDEA Camp Guide is an easily read “hands on” guide directed at teachers in higher education. The Camp Guide describes how to plan, arrange and conduct a camp. The guide describes what a camp is, defines different types of camps, and describes how it is organized and what processes are needed to conduct a camp successfully.

Furthermore, a number of learning perspectives and educational principles are presented. The camp manager’s and facilitator’s roles are outlined, and finally a number of practical exercises and tools are presented.


Innovation camp

A specific model for a one week innovation camp is presented.

The model will consist of:

  • A day to day overview of the content
  • Small videos from camps
  • Statements from teachers, facilitators, companies and students.
  • Etc.

This type of camp was used as an introduction to all new business students (700 students) at the University of Southern Denmark in September 2012. The main purpose was to contribute to creating a stimulating learning environment that promotes active and independent learning, enhancing the focus on entrepreneurship and creating a team spirit amongst the students.

They students worked with real challenges posed by local, private companies and / or municipal bodies.


Academic link

The unemployment rate for newly graduated university students is unfortunately high at the moment. The project “Academic Link” is addressing this problem by educating 20 unemployed academic graduates and matching them with 20 local SME’s. These companies are not used to employ academic staff, but all research in this field shows that SME’s taking on academic staff will experience growth.

The project consists of a one week intensive training within innovation and personal competence. Hereafter every graduate is matched with a local company and an innovation project is defined. The academics are employed in the company for 6 month – the wages are partly paid by the local authorities and partly by the company.
During the 6 months, academics help companies develop new projects, products and services.

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