Transfer, configuration and development of multidisciplinary model for promoting entrepreneurship in VET and higher education


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Entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation in an environment different from traditional places of study and work with the first "Innovation Camp" at the University of Pisa, which took place on Wednesday, May 28th at the Polo Fibonacci.
The students were able to experience a different way of teaching, participating in a day in which they were asked to solve case studies in an innovative way, by developing the ability to work in teams and give space to creativity.

From the beginning of the project we knew that Business Model Creator and Innovation Camp are great tools that we can use in our education plans. We decided that we will implement them to seminars of our study programs. Both tools fit very well into overall Business Management and Corporate Finance study program at our University, which is most successful study program and reflects needs of the market. Both tools help to strength practical business orientation of the study program and therefore quality of education as such.

Documents related to the Final Conference for the "European Entrepreneurs Campus" Project.

Educational models and tools to foster entrepreneurship. The European Entrepreneurs Campus experience for the European and regional ecosystems. September 9, 2014, 09:30 h. Polo Carmignani, Piazza Cavalieri, Pisa.


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