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Tuscany Region -  Dept. of Technological Transfer Service and Infrastructure

Tuscany Region takes part to the EEC Project with the Dept. of Technological Transfer Services and Infrastructures. The Dept. is composed by 8 people, and in charge of managing Regional, National and European funds for:

  • Supporting technological transfer, start up and spin-off processes within the regional innovation system.
  • Fostering of knowledge intensives services between research and enterprises.
  • Building research infrastructures and labs for public research centres, incubators, universities and technological transfer centres.

The project activities will be carried out also together with the Industrial Research, Innovation and Technological Transfer Dept. of Tuscany Region in order to have a wider involvement of the regional administration. This Dept., composed by 12 people, is in charge of the  management of ERDF funds of the Regional Operative Programme 2007-2013 (objective competitiveness and employment) related to initiatives supporting industrial research and innovation among research centres and enterprises.


  • Partner name: Tuscany Region | Dept. of Technological Transfer Service and Infrastructure
  • Street & number: Via Luca Giordano, 13
  • Postal Code: I-50132
  • City: Florence


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