Transfer, configuration and development of multidisciplinary model for promoting entrepreneurship in VET and higher education


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This project phase will be developed in each of the partnership countries. The main aims of this working package will be:

  • To apply the European Entrepreneurs Campus Training Path and European Entrepreneurs Campus Guide.
  • To verify if these fulfill the needs of the target user in real-life situation.
  • To involve business people in the model.

The experimentation of the innovations transferred will be carried out taking advantage of the training activities usually developed by the "target partners". Each "target partner" will design an European Entrepreneurs Camp to include into a vocational path planned in his annual programming. Participants will be students, business people,  teachers of other VET centers and stakeholders. Thus, this activities will  be not only a learning experience, but also a project dissemination activity. Indicators elaborated in the dedicated project phase will be used to evaluate the results.

Pilot Test | EEC European Entrepreneurs Campus

This part of the project will follow a three step path:

1. The preparatory step.

  • Development of pilot action plan and assessment tools.
  • Provision of European Entrepreneurs Campus prototypes on project website and access to platform for registered users.
  • Selection and recruiting of target users ( including stakeholders, teachers and managers of VET centers and enterprises) for the trial phase.

2. The trial step.

  • Organization, within a vocational training path of  each partner, of a European Entrepreneurs Camp.

3. The feedback and production of deliverable step.

  • Elaboration of "Validation report" based on the evaluation made by training workshop participants and by the partners.


At the end of this project stage, the partnership will have produced: the EUROPEAN ENTREPRENEURS CAMPUS PROTOTYPES and the VALIDATION REPORT ON TEST RESULTS.

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