Transfer, configuration and development of multidisciplinary model for promoting entrepreneurship in VET and higher education


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This project activity will be centered over the following aims:

  • Preparing the tools to be transfered, which will be provided in English and multimedia formats. This actitivy includes the definition of  contents and training program to learn to use the tools.
  • Adapting/amend the initial IDEA tools according to the analyzed results of the Crossing and blending framework concept by taking into account linguistic, social, cultural, pedagogical and institutional requirements. Furthermore, new materials will be elaborated to answer these needs with the transferred methodology. The initial materials and contents will thus customized and amended with added value to the VET system in the target country.
  • To learn how to use and how to design activities with IDEA tools.

Transfer Process | EEC European Entrepreneurs CampusThis project phase will be developed performing two consecutive work packages:


1. The preparatory phase.

  • Production of multimedia material with the contents of products object of transfer.
  • English translation and interpretation of all materials and documentation.
  • Programming of a training workshop for partners members on how to use and how to design with the transferred products.


2. The adapting phase.

  • Authoring and programming to elaborate the prototypes.
  • Translation of new material into partners national languages.
  • Organization of national meeting in target countries to involve third parties (i.e. teachers, VET managers, education expert etc.).
  • Production of didactic guidelines showing how VET organizations can incorporate the project's contents in their vocational activities. This guide will be used in pilot phase and dissemination, performed in corporation with all partners.


As result of the activities held during this project phase the partnership will release the Didactic Guide to incorporate EUROPEAN ENTREPRENEURS TOOLS into vocational paths.

CEDIT IEPL IDEA Universidad de Sevilla BD Center AMSP ČR Università di Pisa Regione Toscana VŠFS