Transfer, configuration and development of multidisciplinary model for promoting entrepreneurship in VET and higher education


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From the beginning of the project we knew that Business Model Creator and Innovation Camp are great tools that we can use in our education plans. We decided that we will implement them to seminars of our study programs. Both tools fit very well into overall Business Management and Corporate Finance study program at our University, which is most successful study program and reflects needs of the market. Both tools help to strength practical business orientation of the study program and therefore quality of education as such.

We have implemented the BMC model to seminars and students project of bachelor study program. We informed students during course opening presentation and later during relevant seminars. The information is also part of syllabus of the courses. 

Target group was selected due to significant relation of BMC model to the Change and Innovation Management course in case of graduate study program and new course of “Business Model” was designed at undergraduate level and BMC was successfully used as part of this course.

Students were informed about this tool and instructed how to use it during their seminars. They also used this tool independently during their project and final presentation preparation.

We think that BMC Model will be useful for teachers and we expect use of this tool in our lectures and implementation of this tool into more courses. After successful testing in “Business model” course taught in English language, we are going to expand it into the Czech language Business Management study program as well. 

Testing of Innovation Camp on our University were mostly focused on our university students. We have adapted the Innovation Camp into five seminars as a part of standard lectures (so it means that its 5 of 12 lectures in a semester).  It was adopted to Management of Innovations and Changes course and teachers were instructed to follow Innovation Camp methodology. We think that students can easily use gained skills during their work after the study.  

We assume that it is realistic to share this model on national levels in partners’ states. We also think that impact of project on users of the products will be long term at regional and national level. Project results should be promoted to other users and explained all benefits. In this case we assume that personal experience with BMC and IC is the best way for sharing these products. 

We found out that products are useful part of education with positive acceptance from students.

CEDIT IEPL IDEA Universidad de Sevilla BD Center AMSP ČR Università di Pisa Regione Toscana VŠFS