Transfer, configuration and development of multidisciplinary model for promoting entrepreneurship in VET and higher education


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Crossing and blending | EEC European Entrepreneurs Campus

The aim of the project activity is:

  • To establish a didactic and technical framework concept in which the products have to be set up, through a detailed analysis of needs and tools, assessing its compatibility/correspondence and the possibilities of blending with previous activities of each partner.
  • To prepare partners to receive the innovation, by an internal analysis of their activities and users, closing, so, the needs analysis phase.
  • To identify the degree of change required to the IDEA methodologies innovations.
  • To define the mains variables in the  adaptation process for each partner: learning / teaching gaps, social, cultural, technical and linguistic requirement of the target groups.
  • To receive first input to later adaptation by envisaged target groups.


The internal analysis will cover, inter alia, the following issues for each partner:

  • Description of entrepreneurship training situation in their regions  and  the main statistical data.
  • Description of main methodological approaches in entrepreneurship training.
  • Characteristics of entrepreneurship teachers.
  • Conditions for reaching teachers and learners.
  • Required support for users.
  • Institutional and political framework.


During the project phase the partnership will manage the following activities:

  • Elaboration of tools for field and desk research, like questionnaires, report forms and other, and organization of meeting and workshop with potential end users.
  • Desktop research, collecting related data to find needs, requirements and current lack in competences and methodological support.
  • Field research, through in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and meetings/workshops with potential end users.
  • Contact to education experts/networks to give didactic input to the framework concept.
  • Analysis of activities, tools and material in use, competence of relevance of teachers.
  • Elaboration of didactic and technical concept to form the framework for later project phase related to the start transfer process.
  • Communication related to support and progress of work.
  • Sharing the results of individual analysis and elaboration of a joint report.


As result of the activities managed by the partnership during this project phase a European Entrepreneurs Campus Didactic and Technical Framework Concept will be produced and released at the end of the project phase.

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