Transfer, configuration and development of multidisciplinary model for promoting entrepreneurship in VET and higher education


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IDEA tools can be find in English at the link, created by IDEA for the EEC project.

You can find there all the materials transfered during the project lifetime.

Se adjunta el material elaborado por IDEA Entrepreneurship Center (Universidad del Sur de Dinamarca) traducido al español.

Puede encontrar el material original en

CEDIT invited two groups of young people, participating in two transnational mobility projects, to take part in the BMC MODEL tests. Precisely, the two groups were composed of: 8 English young people, participating in a Leonardo Da Vinci mobility project (9 weeks internship in Tuscany), and 11 South American young people, participating in a Tuscany Region mobility project (called “Mario Olla” project). These people were in Italy for a 12 weeks internship period.

Tuscany Region chose as main target for the BMC Model tests the entrepreneurs and would- be-entrepreneurs that participate or go asking information to tech parks or business incubators managed.


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