Transfer, configuration and development of multidisciplinary model for promoting entrepreneurship in VET and higher education


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The European Entrepreneurs Campus project will be developed in different working phases. Each of the phases will have a responsible partner that will coordinate the activities. The adaptation and transfer of the IDEA methodologies selected will be the core part of the project activities. During the project life cycle other work packages will develop evaluation and preparation to transfer tools and methods.

Project Structure | EEC European Entrepreneurs Campus

The core structure of the project activities will be:

  • Crossing and blending needs and innovations.
  • The transfer process.
  • Entrepreneurship indicators study.
  • The pilot test.
  • Implementation and exploitation.

Each of the project steps will be supported by two more work packages: the consortium management, and the dissemination actions. These two more activities will be developed during the whole project life.

In the remaining sections that make up this section you can find details on each of the core work packages of the project together with the progress of each of them during the two years project life.

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