Transfer, configuration and development of multidisciplinary model for promoting entrepreneurship in VET and higher education


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Tuscany Region chose as main target for the BMC Model tests the entrepreneurs and would- be-entrepreneurs that participate or go asking information to tech parks or business incubators managed. 

Business incubators are bodies localized in Tuscany Region that, independently to juridical form, have the following features:

  • Owning and managing spaces to host productive activities for new enterprises.
  • Borrowing some spaces to the new entrepreneurs, in order to help them to start their business.
  • Offering specific services to the new entrepreneurs to support them in developing their business.
  • Scouting of enterprises that could join the structure and scouting of new business ideas.

Tech parks were awarded by Tuscany Region after a call for proposal and have a fundamental role in the Region for the developing of new start-ups.

BMC users have been contacted by the responsible of Tech parks and business incubators, since the are entrepreneurs in a pre-incubation phase or would-be-entrepreneurs who are trying to understand if their business ideas are feasible. This procedure was chosen because it allowed Tuscany Region to reach two targets: informing the business development actors (incubators and tech parks) in order to contribute to the sustainability of the tools also when the EEC project will be finished and informing and supporting the final users about the tool, giving them the opportunity to develop in an innovative way a business model.

Business incubator staff adopted the BMC Model as first contact with the new entrepreneurs or would-be-entrepreneurs, to support them to build a business model to understand if their business idea was feasible or not. In this way strengths and weaknesses were immediately clear and it was easier for incubators’ staff to support them in examining in depth the business concept and enhance it.

CEDIT IEPL IDEA Universidad de Sevilla BD Center AMSP ČR Università di Pisa Regione Toscana VŠFS