Transfer, configuration and development of multidisciplinary model for promoting entrepreneurship in VET and higher education


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Evaluate the entrepreneurial skills: a challenge

In Spanish and European strategies on the future of employment, it has a direct and recurrent in the need to promote the lifelong acquisition of skills of citizens, understanding them as a sum of knowledge and skills.

This must evaluate the skill level of all individuals and to design intervention models that improve their employability, especially in a crisis like the present, where they have to overcome the demands of the market, providing autonomy and citizen reaction and here the enterprise is an output that should be seriously considered.

But regardless of the crisis, even after overcoming this, the long-term unemployment among young people will cause significant harm their competitiveness in the labor market, and this requires sufficient training to limit these effects, improving their chances of access to opportunities that may arise.

The new scenario in which our young people are going to cope personally and professionally necessarily imply must assume as natural mobility from one job to another, from one sector to another, from one country to another and from different times in his career, with periods of training, employment, unemployment and self-employment.

Achieving success/professional and personal security pass because each individual is able to manage uncertainty and face the continuous changes in the market, as organizations and job characteristics. In this sense, information and training in entrepreneurship is key, a venture that creates opportunities for integration and an intra-enterprise being and a recurring requirement for organizations to retain and stay in jobs.

Then, you work as an employee or self-employed, all young people should have the basic skills that define entrepreneurship and the premise from which we must start is the need to evaluate them.

CEDIT IEPL IDEA Universidad de Sevilla BD Center AMSP ČR Università di Pisa Regione Toscana VŠFS