Transfer, configuration and development of multidisciplinary model for promoting entrepreneurship in VET and higher education


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Best practices of entrepreneurship in UNIPI stand out in national competitions

Some ideas generated within the PhDplus Programme and research activities of the University of Pisa have turned into business projects that have achieved success in some national events.
On September 25, the Start Cup Tuscany took place in Siena. This competition is promoted by the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in collaboration with the regional network of technology transfer offices of universities in Tuscany.

The winner of the competition was JOS, an innovative platform for the charging of electric and electronic devices. Third place was IVTech, innovative in-vitro technologies for alternatives to animal tests. These projects, together with three other finalists, came from PhDplus , which proved to be an excellent training to the development of entrepreneurial skills.

An approach to improve entrepreneurial skills in VET

The development of VET – entrepreneurial path is a challenge many of the organization involved in the EEC project are facing in the last years. The approach require an innovative didactical point of view related with the specific skills of the participant to VET courses.

Some interesting and effective experiment has been held in Italy in the last three month. The idea has been to apply PPBL methodological approach and techniques during the VET courses. The approach, studied by CEDIT, has been experimented with two different classes in two different courses. The first one was a course to qualify adult unemployed people as Logistic Technician in the north west of Tuscany.

The Czech approach to improve entrepreneurial skills in University

As discussed above, for the comprehensive development of the student and their talent development, interconnection of practically oriented teaching with relevant work experience is the optimal solution. VSFS is currently implementing the project "Development West Bohemia".

The project enhancing collaboration between the business sectors as a representatives of employers on the one hand side and tertiary education and research and development institutions on the other side. Students in city of Most have the opportunity to do an internship in cooperating employers. Student works on the basis of pre-agreed objectives and schedule of the internship, based on three options from which they can choose.

Tuscany policies to develop entrepreneurial skills

In Tuscany regional initiatives fostering entrepreneurial skills are implemented according to the policy framework, the Integrated General Plan (Regional Law n.32/2002), providing a multi-annual programming activities on education, training and employment policies.

The main aim of the Integrated General Plan is to create an integrated regional system that supports individual freedom and integration, right through to life long learning with the creation of more and better jobs, economically stable, qualified and protected in an environment with strong social cohesion.


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